First Part of Geometrical Shape Fun

There are following geometrical shape in mathematics. We have to learn all the geometrical shape in details. Example: Point, Ray, Line, Angle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Rectangle, Cube, Cuboid, Cone, Quadrilateral, Rhombus, Parallelogram etc.

What is point?

In mathematics, A point is represented by a dot (.). It is used for an exact location in the space or paper. It doesn’t have size, length, width and height. A point is denoted by capital letter A, B, C, X, Y, Z etc. Points are used in every geometrical shape. Every line has infinite numbers of points. An infinite numbers of points are in unidirectional called line. Let see the example below:

What is ray?

We are always used a ray in our daily life. Such as hours, minute and second hands of a clock, showing direction, showing angles, showing light, heat energy etc.

It forms different angles depends on how we arrange them. In the above figure, It is denote by a starting fixed point A and another point B on the ray. It is represented by


It is a part of a line and has a fixed starting point but no end point. It can be extend infinitely in one direction. We can’t be measured its length. Example:

The sun rays are an example of a ray. The sun is a starting point or point of origin and its rays extend infinitely in our space.

A ray starts from a fixed point, which is called the origin point and it passes through more than one points. It is represented by using its initial point and any other point on it.

The points are remembered for a ray:

# A ray has no width and height. It has only infinite length.

# It has one end point or origin point.

# Two rays form an angle between them. When two rays have common point.

# It helps to understand to all geometrical shape. Angle, Triangle etc.

What is angle?

In geometry, When two rays have a common fixed points to form an angle. It is measured in degrees (°).

It has two rays, which is called arm. In the above figure, OA and OB are two rays or arms. The vertex of the angle is the starting point O of the rays. The vertex that give us measure of an angle. In above figure, The angle between two rays is denoted by




In geometry, when two rays share a common endpoint, they form an angle. Here, in the above figure, each of the angles is made up of two rays. The vertex of the angles is the starting point O of the rays. It is the vertex that gives us the measure of an angle. The rays from the arms of the angles. Angles are measured in degrees (°). 

The points are remembered for an angle:

# An angle has two arms or rays.

# It has a vertex. Which is the common point of two rays.

# The angle is measured in degrees (°).

Let see the angles:

In this figure, End point or Origin point is G. The point G is the common point of ray GD, GC, GF and GH. It forms the following angle. Angle DGC, Angle CGF, Angle FGH, angle HGD.

Similarly, In this figure also:

What is protractor?

A protractor is a tool. It is used for measure and draw an angle in geometry. It is always found in geometry box. It is in shape of half disc or semi-circle. Which can measure up to 180 degrees. It is made of plastic. Its reading are in degree. Its reading are divided in 180 equal parts and each parts are called one degree.

How to measure the angle?

In the figure below, An angle is drawn below Angle ABC. The mid-point M of a protractor is placed with the same point B of Angle ABC. The inner section of two rays AB and BC gives a reading on protractor scale. Which is the angle in degree.

How to draw an angle using a protractor:

We need to draw an angle. That is Ruler, Pencil and Protractor. There are following steps to draw an angle. Let follow the following steps:

Step1: We will take a ruler and draw a line AB with the help of a pencil as shown in figure below:

Step2: Now place the mid-point of protractor with the point A and mark the angle 55 degrees with a point C and remove it as shown in figure below.

Step3: Join the marked point C with a segment to the point A as shown in figure.

We get an angle ∠CAB = 55o.

What is line?

A line is a combination of infinite number of points in different directions left or right and up or down. There are two types of line.

# Curved line
# Straight line ( It is called simple line in mathematics)
What is straight line?

In the above figure, A line is a combination of infinite number of points in both directions left or right and up and down. It is in the form of straight and one dimensional figure and doesn’t have the width and height. It has only length endlessly in both directions. The length of a line can’t be measured. As shown in above figure.

In the above figure, There are two points A and B on the given line. The line AB is represented by

There are following lines are below:
# Horizontal line

This is horizontal line as shown in above figure.

# Vertical line

This is vertical line as shown in above figure.

# Parallel line

This is a combination of two line. When two lines don’t intersect each other or meet at any point. The distance between both the line are equal at all place endlessly. That is called parallel to each other as shown in above figure.

# Perpendicular line

When two line cross each other at right angle (90 degrees) as shown in above figure.

# Intersecting line

When two lines cross each other at any angle as shown in above figure.

In this post, Point, Ray, Curved line, Straight line, Angle, Horizontal line, Vertical line, Perpendicular line, Intersecting line etc.

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