Digits with fun

Feb 2, 2023

We have to learn in the previous post Natural Number, Whole Number, Integers, Even Number, Odd Number, Composite Number, Prime Number, Co-Prime Number,  Real Number, Rational Number, Irrational Number and Complex Number in details. The story of digits

Now, we will learn the digits and play the game of digits. There are following fun and facts of digits. There are only ten digits. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. All these ten digits repeat to make all possible infinite numbers of decimal system.

Story of ‘Zero’

‘0’ is neither negative nor positive number. It is a neutral number. After adding or subtracting, it doesn’t change the identity of any number. But, it makes all possible numbers are zero, after multiplying with it. 1 + 0 =0; 2 – 0 =2; 5 x 0 = 0; 7 x 0 = 0;

If Any numbers are divided by ‘Zero’. it gives the result infinity (∞). The result creates the contradiction. Till now, our mathematician couldn’t describe it. It is boundless, endless or larger than any natural numbers. It often denoted by ∞. Since the ancient time, The philosophical nature of infinity was the subject of many discussions among the philosophers.

It opens the way of many mathematical aspects. Like calculus, infinite series, infinite set, infinite numbers. In calculus, there are various form to solve the infinity problem like law of continuity, functions, integration. 5 ÷ 0 = ∞; 10 ÷ 0 = ∞; Zero is the  power of any number except itself makes the result ‘1’. 100 =1; 1000 = 1; The story of digits

A moral story

The newest story of “Zero” told by Amitabh Bachchan. That is popular. A meeting was held in a hall of all ten digits (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) for choosing a chair person. All the nine digits 1, 2, 3,…..9 were present in the hall on time. But, Zero was late to join the meeting. It urged all the digits like To sit beside 9, But it hated from Zero. similarly for 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. In hall, Nobody loved it.

There was a very fearful moment of ‘Zero’. Suddenly, ‘1’ called him and told them you can stand with me. After few seconds, the moment was changed. Because, They became larger than all of them and became the chair person of all other digits.

Now we learn from this moral story. Unity is the best policy. Unity is an impressive force. So, nobody hates our juniors or assistants. Because, he will make you great and promote in your job. Hates create problem in your life and love creates happiness. So, we try to love everyone. Those who are my junior.

In physics and cosmology,

whether the Universe is spatially infinite is an open question. Mathematics is the science of the infinite. Our important machine is computer, which reads a digit ‘0’ is “No”.

Story of ‘One’

‘1’ is commonly used for first of everything. It is a single unit or thing. One is an adjective. i.e. There is one minute left in the game. It starts the table one with ‘1’. It starts the natural number or counting number. it is commonly used for articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ in English grammar for ‘1’. One is commonly used as a pronoun in English grammar also. One is commonly used for a particular. i.e. one fine person.

In nature,

The sun for earth is one. The moon for earth is one. The earth is one. The universe is one.  The head for human is one. The nose for human is one. The beautiful sentence “ Unity is the best policy”. The love of male and female makes one.

One is commonly used for same in kind or quality. i.e. both of one species. One is commonly used for certain individual specified by name. i.e. one John Deo made a speech. One is commonly used for an attributive noun. i.e. day one. One is also commonly used for a class of compounds. i.e. Lactone, Quinone. One is commonly used for phrases. i.e. for one disagree. The atomic number of Hydrogen is one. The story of digits

Now, we will discuss the use of ‘one’ in mathematics. One doesn’t loose the identity of any number, when multiplying with it except ‘Zero’. One makes the successor of any number after adding it and predecessor after subtract it from any number. Only a digit ‘1’, Any number divided by ‘one’. which gives the result as a dividend’.

Let see some example:

The successor of 5 = 5 + 1 = 6; The predecessor of 10 = 10 -1 = 9; One doesn’t loose the identity of any number after multiplying with it. 5 x 1 = 5; Only a digit ‘1’. Any number divided by ‘1’, which gives the result as a divided and reminder ‘Zero’.  5 ÷ 1 = 5; 0 ÷ 1 = 0; 1 ÷ 1 =1; Our important machine is computer, which reads a digit ‘1’ is “Yes”. The binary number is in the form of ‘0’ and ‘1’. The one is squared, cubed etc. it doesn’t loose their identity. The roman number one contain one line. i.e. I.

Story of ‘two’

In English Grammar, ‘Two’ is commonly used for a pronoun. i.e. Only two were found. It is used for second. It is commonly used for noun. i.e. It was two in the morning. Two is commonly used for adjective also. i.e. section two of the instructions. Two is commonly used for phrases. i.e. in two shakes, fall between two stools….

In mathematics,

‘2’ is only an even prime number and also first prime number. ‘2’ is the first even number. 2 is used for square of any number. If a number squared, it becomes same number of times bigger. i.e. 32 = 9;  When it will be added to any even number, the result become always even number. i.e. 6 + 2 = 8;  Similarly, it will be added to any odd number, the result become always odd number. i.e. 5 + 2 = 7; Any number becomes double, when multiply with it. i.e. 5 x 2 = 10; The roman number 2 contains two line. i.e. II. The story of digits

The diameter of circle is double of the radius. i.e. Diameter = 2r. The side of an angle is two. The points required for drawing a line are two. The maximum power of a variable in an equation is called quadratic equation. It makes parabola graph. The sum of any two number is divided by two give the mean value.  The equation x2 + 1 = 0 generate a complex number. x = √-1. In complex number, i = √-1 i.e. z = 3 + 2i. it is generally denoted by z.

In versatile,

we can say in pair. Man and Woman, Good and Bad, Teacher and Student, Ram and Ravan, God and Goddess, Two eyes, Two ears, God and Evil, …….. The life will be created by two. One male and one female. The thought of a human is positive and negative in form. The story of digits

In computer science,

Computer process all the data in binary system. Whose base is 2. Like Decimal Number System has the base 10. Similarly, Binary Number System has the base 2. Any number divided by 2, gives the reminder either ‘0’ or ‘1’. These two numbers ‘1’ and ‘0’ make the binary number.

In chemistry, The two same or different atoms combines together make a molecule. Like N2 , H2 , O2 , HCl , ……. Here,  O2 on the earth gives life for all living organisms. Two is the atomic number of ‘He’ atom. Valency and Oxidation state of atoms.

Story of ‘Three’

Three is commonly used as a pronoun. i.e. Three were killed. Three is commonly used for an adjective. i.e. Amounting to three in number. Three is commonly used for a noun. i.e. A playing card, die face, or half of a domino face with three pips. ‘3’ is the first smallest odd prime number. Third is commonly used for 3. The watch contains three needles. Hour, Minute and Second.

The maximum power of a variable in any equation. The equation has three roots. x3 – 1 =0; x = 1; The atomic number of Lithium is 3. The side of a triangle is three. It contains three vertex, medians and angles. The roman number indicates three lines. i.e. III.

In intuition,

The brain is the third eyes. It makes a man perfect. Every person follows the three things in his life. These three things never wait others. Time, Death and Customer; These three things always create problem. Jar, Joru and Jamin; Every person get these three things at a time in his life. Maa, Baap and Youngness; Every person should respect three. Mata, Pita and Guru. Three colours of our national flag. i.e. Saffron, White and Green; Three pillar of our democracy are The Legislature, The Executive and The Judiciary; The fourth pillar of democracy is the media. The story of digits

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